Are all products on HowEasyy marketplace orginial and genuine

 Yes, we only work with original brands and vendors from around the world.

How do I sign up on HowEasyy marketplace

There are two options to sing up on HowEasyy Marketplace, one is as a customer and vendors and you have the option to share any product and receive a commission, the second option is where you can sign up as a vendor and sell your original and genuine products on the HowEasyy marketplace.

How do I check reviews and ratings of a product on HowEasyy marketplace

 To check reviews on the Howeasyy Marketplace under the product listing there is a tab bar called the review in which you can see the rating and reviews for each product.

How can I find the product I am looking for on HowEasyy marketplace

By using the Howeasyy Marketplace search bar you can type in the name of the product or category of product that you are looking for.

Are the prices on HowEasyy marketplace negotliable

All prices of products on the Howeasyy Marketplace are listed by the original brand owner and if you are interested in negotiating a price you can contact the brand owner through their seller contact page.

How do I know if a product comes with a warranty

 All warranty may vary by each vendor, you can read the description bar to see what warranty is offered per the selective product

How can I claim warranty for a product I had purchased on HowEasyy marketplace

You can claim your warranty if the selected vendor offers a warranty on the product you have order.

How do I place an order on HowEasyy marketplace

To place an order on the Howeasyy Marketplace you must add your product the checkout cart and select your preffered payment gateway then preceed by clicking on the order now button.

My payment was successful but I didn’t get a confirmation order?

 If you didn't get a confirmation code, you have two options one contact the vendor you have ordered the product from and asked for a confirmation code, option two check your Howeasyy user dashboard. In your dashboard you will see, which says order and confirmation. In this tab, you can see your confirmation number.

How can I track my order

To track your order on the Howeasyy Marketplace you can check your user dashboard panel, there you will see an option called track my order. You can track your order from the postal service in which the vendor you have order from has choose to ship off your goods from. 

How long will it take before I get my order

Shipping days varies depending on the vendor policy they have provided they are selling on their vendor store, we recommend to our vendors one to five business days. 

What happens when my order is delayed

  If your order is a delay please contact the vendor you have ordered from on the Howeasyy Marketplace to notify them that you have not received your order yet.

How do I pay on HowEasyy marketplace?

  To pay on the Howeasyy Marketplace we have multiple payment gateways, depending on the vendor you have ordered from and the gateway that is provided at your checkout process, you can choose the best payment gateways that you feel comfortable using. All our gateways are one hundred percent secured and safe for you to make a transaction online.

Which payment method is available?

      We have multiple payment gateways available depending on you Geo location and the best option that you feel comfortable making your transaction.

Is there pay on delivery?

  On Howeasyy Marketplace depending on the location we do have the option for cash on delivery boarders.

Are there hidden charges, like custom duty?

We do not have any hidden charges on custom duty

Why was my debit card /credit card declined by

    Your debit card /credit card may have been declined depending on the location that you are located in the world or the funds may not be available in your Bank account. Please contact us if this problem occurs and we will work with you at another payment gateway option that may be suitable for you to process your order.

What if I received a damaged goods or not what I ordered for, how do I return it?

   Please contact your vendor as soon as possible to confirm with them if you have recieved a damaged product or the product that you have purchased is not the correct order.If you feel that your vendor is not doing the best to resolve this problem, you have the option in your user panel to open a case. A representaive from the Howeasyy Marketplace will work out the best option between you and the vendor that this problem can be solve.

How long does the return policy last?

        A return policy varies on the vendor that you have purchase your product from. Each vendor product is different depending upon the product you have order.

Do I get 100% refund?

  If the vendor has in their seller policy the option for a refund then you will be one hundered percents redunded your funds depending on the policy of the vendor.